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This is from my RWBY FanFic AU Champion Victories, River Lilies, Rose Thorns and Criminals Cards

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CV, RL, RT and CC is an RWBY AU I've created on at were I basically take the idea of quirks from Boku no Hero Academia the Demon Weapons from Soul Eater the Fusion from Steven Universe and ascpects from Destiny and shove it into one RWBY AU and i put emphasis on "idea" becuase I'll probably get things wrong or change them to fit the story better but thats why its a fanfiction.

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The World




Inspirations Edit

Story Inspirations: RWBY obviously, Boku no Hero Acadamia, Soul Eater, Steven Universe and Destiny. Edit

Inspirations for Writing: A Rose's Scales, Hello Darkness My Old Friend, The Downward Spiral, The Snow Foxes Struggle, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, Fallen World, For a Good Future, Linked in Life and Love and Legion205. Edit

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